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Water Based Soft Touch Velvet Varnish for Label UV Printing

Water Based Soft Touch Velvet Varnish for Label UV Printing


Product name Water based soft touch varnish
Model BD1027
Appearance Milky white
Solid content 35±2 %
PH value 8.0 ± 0.3
Usage Screen printing, Roller coating

The product belongs to water-based resin, with good leveling and film surface smoothness.
Film forming is transparent, film layer can reflect the color of the medium itself, and feel plump and smooth.
Fresh appearance, stable performance, good scratch resistance and water resistance.
It has stable slurry, good fluidity, tough film-forming, soft hand, good elasticity and stronger cortical sense. (there are paper
and matte surfaces! The surface of photoresist products should not be used)
After finishing, the film is endowed with high resilience, good extensibility, high tensile strength and excellent cold and heat
1. Using scope:
A. Coating industry (high-performance special paper, coated paper, paper-filled paper, various leather, PU finishing, printing
paste, leather surface treatment and color change).
B. Printing industry (all kinds of copperplate, black card, white card, kraft paper).
2. The amount of hand damp oil applied is:5-8g/square meter.
3. The best printing method: screen printing (recommended to use 300 to 350 mesh water screen)
4. The optimum drying temperature is 100°C-110°C, the maximum temperature should not exceed 130°C, and it can be completely dried
24 hours after oiling, and then the next process is carried out.
5. screen touch oil must be dried with infrared light to avoid drying with UV light.

This product cannot be mixed with any other kind of surface treatment oil during use!

Drying method: infrared drying

Operation method: off-line UV coating, inline UV coating