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Drip off UV Primer for UV Drip off Varnish for Roller Coatings

Drip off UV Primer for UV Drip off Varnish for Roller Coatings

UV drip off primer for UV drip off varnish for roller coatings

Milky liquid
40S-60S(25°C,TU 4 # cup ) , can be adjusted.
Solid content
coarse sand
1kg plastic / metal barrel, 2.5kg plastic barrel, 5kg plastic barrel

Special UV matt effect overprint varnish designed for use in combination with an effect UV drip off varnish, to produce
contrasting matt/gloss finishes. UV primer to give the desired matt areas and then full sheet coated with UV drip off varnish.

Using recommendations:
1.Circulate or stir well prior to using;
2.Recommended coating application: 1 - 2 g/m²/wet;
3.Recommend to use UV inks or mixture inks;
4.Reduce viscosity with UV litho ink reducer, if required.

Substrates:Coated paper,Coated card board,Gold and silver foil card board

1.Using on last printing unit on sheetfed machines;
2.Drying: UV drying;
3.Suitable for commercial prints, package, label;

Cleaning:Recommend using UV wash-up to clean.

1.Protect from frost, heat and sun exposure;
2.Minimum shelf-life from date of dispatch 6 months;
3.Applies to closed original containers at 5°C up to 30°C;
4.Avoid mixing with other coatings, inks or washing water;
5.After opening use as soon as possible