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Offset Printing Water Based Primer Varnish

Offset Printing Water Based Primer Varnish

Offset Printing water based primer varnish

Product name Off line water based primer
Appearance Milky white
Viscosity 20-50S (TU 4 cup,25ºC)
Package 20kg / 25kg / 50kg 
Shelf life 6 months

Product Description
The products are used in in-inline UV coating, off-line UV coating and spot UV coating.
According to machine or operation method, there is printing water based varnish, offline water based varnish, printing primer and offline primer.
According to characters, there is high gloss varnish, matt varnish, blister varnish, polish varnish, polish blister varnish, hot stamping varnish, beer box varnish, playing card varnish, pre-printing varnish, hand feeling varnish, imitation matt adhesive varnish, score crack resistance pre-coat, general UV primer and so on.

Water based preprinted high temperature resistance anti-adhesion varnish is suitable for flexography printing machine, independent varnishing machine, gravure printing machine. It is also suitable for high-speed on line packing preprinted varnishing, such as beer carton, mill carton, fruit carton. Anti-sticky, high-temperature resistance, scratch proof, wear resistance, smoothness passing through paper board production line. Moreover, it have anti-sticky functions in long time high temperature closed environment.

Drying method: infrared drying

Operation method: off-line UV coating, inline UV coating and spot UV coating
Dilution: this product is usually used directly, if the viscosity is high, water can be added into water based varnish.