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Polishing Varnish High Gloss Mirror Effect Water Based Calendaring Varnish

Polishing Varnish High Gloss Mirror Effect Water Based Calendaring Varnish

General physical property 


Main ingredients Acrylic resin
Appearance Beige opaque liquid
Solid content% 43±2%
PH Value 7.6~8.6
Viscosity(T4#,25ºC) 55±5s
Gloss degree(60° angel) 70±3°
Wearing resistance 800-1000 times (4 pounds weight)


Product Features/ application/ operation
Features High gloss, high wearing resistance, fact curing speed, good smoothness, will get a mirror effect after polishing.
Application Widely applied for food outside packaging box, medicine packaging box, gloves box, toy box, and various color box, etc.
Operation First operated gloss varnishing finished on printing machine with roller coating unit or separate glazing machine, then finished polishing on special calendaring machine.

Use points:
1. When polished, it should be better processed after gloss varnishing finished for more than 2 hours and keep the paper dried fully to insure the effect of plate stripping, the polishing effect will be best within 48H. Polishing conditions: the temperature should be 90ºC-110ºC, the pressure should be 130-180KG/cm2, the printed matter's weight ≥250g, polished steel strip ≥10m.
2. Water based varnish belongs to Alkali soluble varnish, should choose adhesives with neutral or slightly alkaline (PH≤10).
3.If it cannot be used up at one time after opening, please keep it sealed to avoid exposure of falling into dust or debris or caused varnish surface crust.
4.If diluted with alcohol or isopropanol, it should be used up timely, otherwise it will be metamorphic and smelliness.
5.Clean the oil tank regularly, clean the production equipment timely after your using, remember not to leave for a long time un-cleaning. Clean the equipment with water, the dried varnish can be cleaned with isopropanol or alcohol. The cleaning backflow can't be mixed with varnish.
1.Keep from freezing, heating power and solar radiation.
2.Shelf time are 12 months from date of production.
3.Seal in the original container, suggested storage temperature environment is 5ºC-30ºC.
4.Keep from mixing with the other varnish or washing water.
5.If improper storage or the time is too long, maybe cause the viscosity raise  and affect the using.

20KG/barrel,25KG/barrel, 50KG/barrel,125KG/barrel,1 ton/slot,also can meet special packing specification.