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Low Odor High Gloss Primer Free with High Adhesion UV Varnish for Roller Coating

Low Odor High Gloss Primer Free with High Adhesion UV Varnish for Roller Coating

High Adhesion High Gloss Low Odor primer free UV Varnish for Paper Printing

Color Light yellow and clear
Viscosity 20S-60S, can be adjusted
Solid content 99%
Rub resistance 600 times (4 lb weight ,face to face)
Gloss >90° (depending on paper and varnishing machine)
Adhesion High

The UV varnish are used in inline UV coating, offline UV coating and spot UV coating. The advantages are fast curing, adjustable gloss, excellent adhesion, hand smooth feeling, excellent scratch resistance and scoring cracked resistance.

There is color box uv varnish, book UV varnish, tobacco package UV varnish, white board UV varnish, gold and silver UV varnish according to application. According to characters, there is normal UV varnish, excellent scratch resistant UV varnish, great scoring cracked resistance UV varnish, primer-free UV varnish, hot stamping UV varnish, matte UV varnish, skid resistance UV varnish, special white UV varnish, low odor UV varnish and so on. ODM/ OEM is welcomed.

Operation method: Inline UV coating, offline UV coating, spot UV coating.
Dilution: it can be used directly, if the viscosity is high, methylbenzene, xylene, absolute alcohol can be added, around 10% -15%.
In order to make sure good performance, our UV primer is recommended to match with UV varnish.

1.Varnishing machine should keep away from sunlight, otherwise UV varnish will dry on the coating roller under ultraviolet
radiation of sunlight.
2.UV lamp should be changed regularly, guarantee the varnish drying completely, wash equipment in time, check scraper and steel wheels.
3.It have certain stimulation. If skin touch UV varnish, use soap to wash immediately, otherwise skin will swelling and blistering allergic phenomenon
4. Use alcohol or isopropanol to wash equipment.
Storage environment: store in dry and ventilation cool place, avoid exposing high-heat and sunlight. Storage temperature is 5-30°C.
5. Shelf life: six month at normal storage situation