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HID conversion kit 02

HID conversion kit 02

Bulb model: H1,H3,H4,H7,H8,H9,H10(9145),H11,H13, 9004(HB1),9005(HB3),9006(HB4), 9007(HB5), H4 H/L, H13H/L, 9004/9007 H/L
Colortemperature: 3000K,4300K,5000K,6000K, 8000K,10000K or above
Luminous flux: 3200lm
High brightness: 3 times luminouse flux as that of halogen lamps
Life span: 3000 H
Power: 35W, 50W
Two lamps , Two ballast(slim ballast), Metal plate 2 pcs , Cable tie, Screwnut (4 pcs big;4 pcs small)
Screw 4 pcs, Installation  Manual